The true Shogun stands

The true Shogun stands
Allied Mission 3 U.png
Location: Miyako, Japan
Opponents: * Empire Crest.jpgCommander Takara Sato


[edit] Primary Objectives

[edit] Bonus Objective

  • 1. Capture the command post

[edit] Briefing

With the Uprising in Japan almost over, you now have to face one of the newer and younger commanders for the Empire, Commander Takara Sato. She has established a small base in Miyako. You are to defeat her before she makes her move.

[edit] Tatics

You will start in the southeast part of the battlefield with a force of Cryo Legionaires and a new unit called the Pacifier FAV. Escort your MCV to the landing zone in the southwest (where you will have the better chance of completing your mission). Build up your power as soon as you can establish your base, and to build up your power faster and more efficient, use the Ore Mines to the northeast. Takara will eventually come out of hiding, and will send airborne forces towards your base consisting of Mecha Tengu/ Jet Tengus Rocket Angels and other units as well, make sure you build up a good defense around your base and train some Javelin Soldiers to help. As you fight against Takara, she may even build a Psionic Decimator to try to defeat you, destroy it as soon as you are notified. if you can train an Engineer to capture the command tower to the northwest. This will give you access to King Onis. It is also a very good idea to build 3 airbases and build 12 Apollo Fighters and have around 20 to 25 Mirage Tanks before you completely destroy Takara's base. This si because Crown Prince Tatsu will appear and fight you. He will send everything (and yes that means EVERYTHING) at you. Tsunami Tanks, King Onis, Mecha Tengu/ Jet Tengus Shogun Battleships and a new unit known as the Giga Fortress use the Apollo Fighters to take down the Fortress before it even reaches your base. Build 4 Harbinger Gunships to take out the battleships and to assist your Mirage Tanks if need be. Tatsu will even use a Chronoshpere in his campaign against you. Destroy the device before Tatsu can use it. As soon as his huge wave of forces are destroy go for his base and crush his own "Uprising".

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