To tame a living god

To tame a living god
Soviet Mission 7.png
Location: Mt. Fuji, Japan
Co-Commander: Soviet Crest.jpgCommander Nicolai Moskvin
Opponents: * Empire Crest.jpgEmperor Yoshiro


[edit] Primary Objectives

[edit] Bonus Objectives

[edit] Overview

The Conintent of Europe is now under Soviet control and you the commander are promoted to General after Krukov's betrayal. Now what is left for the Soviets to conquer are the United States and Japan. Cherdenko now orders the fall of the Empire of The Rising Sun and the way to do it, is to eliminate their leader Emperor Yoshiro, and he is in his ancstral home on the base of Mt. Fuji. But, after Cherdenko's transmission, Doctor Gregor Zelinsky will transmit you his secret message about his time machine.

[edit] Tatics

You will begin your mission with just a Conscript and Moskvin will have a War Bear, move the Conscript quietly pass through the securing imperial forces and towards the first set of stairs, but be careful avoid confrontation at all costs, wait until the imperial guards at the bottom of the stairs to move before you can move the Conscript, once they move movedown the stairs and movw the Conscript towards the northeast and along the south wall and to the second set of stairs, you will see a can, shoot it to create a descraction and clear the way for your Conscript to enter the garden to the nothwest ans eliminate the Emperor. As you eliminate the Emperor, you will discover that it is a look-a-like and your Conscript and the War Bear, will be captured. Now you must defeat the Emperor the hard way (with an army of units) and what is worse, you must defeat the Emperor's best Commanders before you move in on the Emperor. You will have some base structures already built and you will also have the ability to build Apocalypse Tanks. The 3 commanders will throw everything they have at you ranging from Tsunami Tanks, Mecha Tengu/ Jet Tengus Striker VX/ Chopper VXs, Rocket Angels, King Onis to Yuriko Omega, so make sure you have a good defense around your base and even have some Tesla Coils. Build up your base so you can build units that you can use to make your run at the 3 Commanders, there is no specific order in trying to defeat the 3 Commanders, but since Kenji's base is the closest to yours it is best to attack him first. Build Apocalypse Tanks, V4 Launchers and MiG Fighters to prepair yourself for any enemy units, try to take out any defense artillery first with your V4 Launchers, and then attack the base, repeat this process for Shinzo and Naomi. Once you defeated all 3 Commanders, focus on cutting the power to the huge base guarding the Emperor's palace, and if you can build a Bullfrog and train some Combat Engineers to capture oil derricks to increase your credits. Build some Twinblades to destroy the generators to the northeast, which supply the huge base by the palace the power, once destroyed the base will be defenseless, destroy the base and any units that are within the base, once the way is clear destroy the palace, but it is best to have your Twinblades in the same area as upon destroying the palace, Emperor Yoshiro will come out with his very own King Oni, what is different from the other King Onis is that it can not only move faster but it can shoot at air units as well, the best chance of victory over Yoshiro is using Twinblades as they can move faster than the Apocalypse Tank.

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