Country: Japan
Locale Type: * Major City
  • Port City
Population 4 Million

[edit] Real History

Yokohama was discovered around the same time as Tokyo (as it is not far from that city), and like Tokyo, it was a fishing port in eastern Japan. The city was also heavily influenced by the growing population of Tokyo as Ieyasu Tokugawa established his Shogunate in 1603, so along with Tokyo, Yokohama has grown in population and income. Perhaps Yokohama's biggest historical moment is when American commodore named Matthew Perry had arrived at yokohama with a fleet of American warships in 1853. He negotiated that a few ports to be open to foreign trade. Though, Japan was in a state of isolation from most foreign trade (especially to western countries), they have agreed to open ports to western trade, this was the beginning of the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate, and after the Meiji Restoration overthrew the Shogunate in 1868, Tokyo and Yokohama were still growing and foriegn trade boomed in Yokohama as western countries (the United States, Great Britain and other western countries). Though as the Kanto Earthquake struck in 1923 it destroyed most of Yokohama, and during the U.S.' bombing raids on Japan Yokohama was severely damaged and 8,000 people were killed. Though after World War 2 and after Yokohama was rebuilt, it served as a port for the U.S. Air Firce during the Korean War. The city also held the 2002 World Cup. Now, the city is home to 4 Million people and it is the Third legrst city of Japan (behind Osaka and Tokyo).

[edit] Red Alert 3

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