Birthplace: Transylvania ?
Affiliation: Yuri's Faction
Portrayed By: Udo Kier

[edit] Overview

Yuri is the advisor to Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov. He has the ability to control a person's mind and submit the person to his will. He also created a device to help the Soviets make the west bend to the will of the Soviet Union with his invention, the psychic Beacon. However, as the war raged on the Allies discovered that Yuri is actually a lost experiment by Premier Josef Stalin, and as the Allies were winning over the Soviets, Yuri left Romanov to build his own army and put his own plan to conquer the world by building a system of Psychic Dominators all over the world, after one of his devices was powered down by the Allies, he activates his other devices in hopes to bring the world to his knees. Then, the Allies relied in Professor Albert Einstein for help with his time machine and the allies traveled back in time to destroy Yuri's system of Psychic Dominators while they are in development, this is when both the Allies and the Soviets joined forces to defeat this power hungry maniac. There is also rumors saying that Yuri is somewhat linked to the Empire's unit Yuriko Omega, but this is still unconfirmed.

[edit] Quotes

"Mind, Body, and if you like Soul."

"The Human brain, it's a pandora's box of electrical charges in which we only begin to understand. Now, most brains are bad receivers, however some are advanced, sending and receivng messages."

"I seems that we should have a talk, you and I. When the Soviet Union was new, there are some of us that turned to Stalin for our particular skills, this is when we trained to submit monds to our will. This is Stalin's psychic legacy."

"The Device is caled a Psychic Dominator. There is a network of such devices spread acrros the globe. In a few moments I will nleash a tidal wave of psychic energy, deigned to dominate the minds of the entire planet. There will be no mre free will, only my will."

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