Zone Raider

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Zone Raider
Affiliation ZOCOM
Cost 1300
Weapon Sonic Grenade Launcher, Shoulder Mounted Rockets
Effective against Infantry, Aircraft
Requires GDI Barracks Tech Center
Build At GDI Barracks
Appears in Command & Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath

Zone Raider's are the all female counterpart to Zone Trooper squads. Employed solely by ZOCOM to aid in their reclamation efforts against Tiberium, Zone Raiders also serve to support other ZOCOM forces that come under assault from NOD or Mutant attacks during reclamation efforts. Their sonic grenade launchers are highly effective at destroying Tiberium crystals as well as proving heavily fatal towards infantry. However unlike their Zone Trooper counterparts, Zone Raiders can also hold their own against aircraft thanks to their shoulder mounted rocket launchers.

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